My wife’s Astros advance for first time in history

For the first time in history of the Astros, they advanced in the playoffs . . . now the team my wife grew up with (she remembers one of the precious few last times they were in the playoffs and wearing the orange, yellow Stros shirt to school in support) and the team I grew up (with my family we’d go to Busch stadium and watch Joe Torre and Lou Brock, and I too had my shirt–a Lou Brock number 20).

We made it through the conflict over watching Monday night football vs. Game 5 Braves vs. Astros. The remote “back” button saved a squabble . . . Jill is an intense Titans fan, so even though her Houston team was playing game 5, her NFL blinders to reality kept her from seeing the significance of watching every pitch of this game . . . we compromised and switched back and forth.

During the run up to the election I’ve seen some vehicles with a Bush/Cheney sticker on one side and Kerry/Edwards on the other. Jill and I don’t always vote as a block but we likely will this year . . . except on the NLCS. It’s Redbirds in six games.