My Brother on Stem Cell Research & Supreme Court

Scroll down to the blog entry titled, “Christians and Politics” and read the dialogue, particularly a recent comment from my brother, Dr. Toby Taylor, on stem cell research.

Toby and I were cut from the same cloth, but while I was studying Comparative Politics and International Relations, Toby was over in the science building sloshing around toxic and flammable stuff in petri dishes and test tubes and has been thinking for 20 years about the medical issues he is passionate and competent about, so naturally I’m influenced by his opinions . . . though I might still vote Democrat.

One brother wore blue, one brother wore grey! What will you do? What color shall we wear? The Smothers Brother’s solution to such disagreements was non-violent: they sang, “I’ll wear my dark blue pants and my grey sports jacket with the buttons made of pearls!”

Perhaps I can persuade Toby to talk more on the blog about stem cell research and other biological and medical issues related to the election, and we’ll dialogue more about it together.

Read Toby’s article on abstinence in public schools. (This is a pdf of whole Wineskins issue on sexuality from Jan/Feb 03). If you can’t get it to open, let me know and I’ll try to get the text and put in blog or make available on

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