Christians and politics

I have floated the idea to our Wineskins editors about doing a segment of our Wineskins site–from now running up to the election–on “Christians and politics.”

I’m not sure how I’m going to do this, but if there seems to be enough interest in some essays from some of you, I will be happy to place a special standing box on the site for interaction from now till the election. Rubel Shelly and Lynn Anderson were adamant that we not produce a “voting guide,” which is certainly not what we’ll set out to do.

Instead, we would provide a forum for discussion on the topic of “Christians and politics” and even delve into the notion of non-participation altogether, as one has commented yesterday. The idea of non-participation in government can go much deeper than a principled decision not to vote, and I’d like to examine the range of views and help one another make a principled decision on how to participate or not to participate.

This Ellen Goodman piece (Boston Globe columnist) is thought-provoking: Maybe Father Does Know Best?

If you want to look more deeply into the issue of Romans 13 and cooperation or non-cooperation with government, please learn more about Voice of the Martyrs (VOA), an incredible ministry begun by two men who were imprisoned, one in Cuba and one under the Nazis and Communists for fourteen years. I’ll likely write more on VOA later.