The Jesus Creed – Scot McKnight

Recently I interviewed Scot McKnight, author of the newly released, The Jesus Creed. McKnight is a fascinating person with much to offer the Christian community.

“For a loving relationship to exist between a human and God there must be truth-telling . . . If we can’t tell the truth to one another, we are not revealing one another. Truth-telling to God is the sole foundation for a relationship. If we have not told the truth, we have not revealed ourselves back to God. Until Adam tells God what he’s done, he’s hiding from God. This is simple as it gets, if we’re living a life of sin, we’re not facing [God] eye to eye, we’re facing God with our heads cocked.” –from an interview in August 2004

Blogging, preaching, writing, eating together, looking eye to eye, holding one another accountable, bowing and revealing our hearts to God and one another are all modes of truth-telling, one of the means to a transforming relationship with God.