Trouble posting

Ever have trouble posting. It keeps trying to process…so I’m doing this post as a test to see if some link or something I’ve done is keeping it from posting.

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  1. If you look on the Blogger dashboard, there’s a link that says something like “System Status.” Sometimes they will put up known issues that prevent good posting (I assume you mean “Publishing” after you’ve posted???)

    Anyway, sometimes Blogger slows down, and has a hard time with the triangle and the spinny thing. Often, if you go back and try again, it will work. I’ve found that there are certain times of day when lots of people are updating, and it tends to put a strain on the servers. Hope this helps,



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    Magazine editor and occassional blogger Greg Taylor switched to this week prompting a crash of massive proportions. Many bloggers watched helplessly as their server timed out every time they attempted to update their web logs.


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