The Gospel Advocate (January 2004) put out a list of books they encourage Christians to read, discuss, and test…with the Word of God as our authority.
I’ve read most of these books, and I recommend that you read the books with Bible in hand, ready to be transformed in your heart and mind, drawn closer to God, and see for yourself what you and your church believes. Talk about it. Comment here on my blog if you wish.
I’ve written or published reviews of some of them, and for those I’ve supplied links:

John Mark Hicks, Come to the Table
Tim Woodroof, A Church That Flies
Shelly & York, The Jesus Proposal (reviewed by Larry James in NEW WINESKINS, Sep-Dec 03)
All of the Heart of the Restoration Series
Jeff W. Childers, Douglas A. Foster & Jack Reese, The Crux of the Matter
Keneth L. Cukrowski, Mark W. Hamilton & James W. Thompson, God’s Holy Fire
Frederick Aquino & Jeff W. Childers, Unveiling Glory
Max Lucado, In the Grip of Grace
F. Lagard Smith, Radical Restoration
Richard T. Hughes, Reviving the Ancient Faith
Billie Silvey, editor, Trusting Women

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