• Where did “The Serenity Prayer” come from?

    This article on the blog of Greg R. Taylor gets to the source of the famous “Serenity Prayer.”

  • A Little Exercise for Young Theologians

    This short blog post by Greg R. Taylor reflects on his reading of a book from seminary titled, A Little Exercise for Young Theologians.

  • Steadfast Through Every Change

    This post discusses the phrase, “Steadfast through every change” as an alternative for the idea that God never changes. I found the exact wording “Steadfast through every change” in a poem, thanks to Google Books, that is in a Christian World magazine from 1867. I’ve embedded the entire poem here, called “The Father’s Peace,” by…

  • A Prayer About the Arrogant

    This post by Greg R. Taylor is about Psalm 73 and centers on a word about the arrogant in the culture. The suggestion is that when we are tempted to complain about what we have in the United States, one of, if not the richest countries in the world, go read Psalm 73:3-12.

  • God invites us into His heart

    This post by Greg Taylor takes a common phrase in Evangelical life and turns it in a way that re-focuses us on the hugeness of God’s story and life.

  • This is it, the Apocalypse, whoa

    This Spring and Summer has been a learning first foray into preaching Revelation. I told the Garnett Church of Christ congregation that if I take the risk to preach on Revelation, they ought to take the risk to read Revelation. Many did! And we learned how to read Revelation in a new way. After three…

  • Living Jesus DVD

    Living Jesus DVD by Randy Harris ISBN 978-0-89112-370-5 $24.99 for more than 2 hours of content! Add to cart Jesus says you can do it. Randy Harris believes it’s true. And he’s leading a movement of people who are doing it. College students and auto workers are following a teaching that changed the world. They…