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  1. I just now read your “Mega-Church” story here online and how outreach and evangelizing is more important that numbers and money (as most so called church’s are focused on now unfortunately). Should you desire further fellowship with this Nazacathlibapticostal Nazarene disabled children’s minister here in Hobbs, NM (who was saved @ 1st Baptis in Altus, colleged @ CSU in Edmond and married my Pentecostal wife in ’76 who’s from here (I was born in CA, raised in NJ by an abusive alcholic who divorced my mom, then worked constantly in NY while I helped raised my 3 younger siblings)just let me know and we’ll have a wonderful time. There’s nothing in number’s except for salvation, and with our 3 old buss’s. we pick up lots of kids for our small church (1 of 150 and 1 of 5 who bus them) from the slums every Sunday morn, giving them treats, the Treasure Box and a new NIV Bible on thier 3rd visit (I’ve probably given over a thousand in these last 20 years- only God knows). Well, enough of my blabbering- my anti-seizure and sleep meds are starting to take effect and Ineed to hit the sack and read my Bible,
    bubba Greg
    505 392-2543

  2. Hey Greg,

    Appreciate your article and fully concur with the changing landscape of doing church in the 21st century. Maintaining the institutional structure simply has no appeal. But turning a mega into a missional church, and trimming the sails for real community involvement, now that sounds exciting. But institutional maintenance and allegiance are so deeply embedded it will take some savvy reconstruction to shift megas away from a consumer based programmatic appeal. I applaud your efforts and look forward to hearing more about the new Garland Rd. Church.
    Larry Chouinard

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