Prodigals: Finding Home When We’ve Lost the Way

Prodigals: Finding Home When We’ve Lost the Way
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Genres: Biblical Studies, Christian Living, Gospels and Acts, Inspirational, New Testament, Theology
Tags: Greg Ross Taylor, Greg Taylor, Parables of Jesus, Prodigal Son, Recommended Books
Publisher: Leafwood Publishers
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: 192
Illustrator: Peggy Anderson
ASIN: 1684263093
ISBN: 9781684263097

Prodigals digs deeply into each line from Jesus’s famous parable about the prodigal son, inviting all readers―those down on their luck or high on their horse―to identify as prodigals. A prodigal is anyone who accepts they have a sinful human nature and turns toward the love of home, the place where we find a deeper relationship with God.

Rather than divide the world into prodigals and nonprodigals, Taylor invites readers to find themselves in the teaching of Jesus as either younger or elder siblings. The life-changing power of the book comes when readers begin to identify with the characters in the story and join in the prayers and calls for transformation that conclude the chapters.

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About the Book

Proceeds from the book benefit

The author has lived and traveled internationally and relates the greatest parable Jesus ever told to his experiences across the United States and countries such as Israel, Uganda, the Netherlands, and Honduras.

The author has set up an email account to receive prodigal stories from readers for possible inclusion in future editions of Prodigals:

“Broken heartedness and rejection, especially when dealt through misguided faith by friends or loved ones, carry a pain that is both traumatizing and spiritually confusing. However, God’s grace, as exhibited by the father who welcomed back his prodigal son, is an anthem that can shatter the years, and even decades, of deep-recessed, soul-scarring pain. Greg Taylor’s book reminds us that heart-wrenching hurt is nothing new in the world. But, what is new is our continued rediscovery of God’s grace, which, like the eternal home he has prepared for each of us, has no end. Thank you, Greg, for the reminder that all of us are lost . . . but are capable of being found again.”
“Greg Taylor opens up Jesus’s story of the son returned from the far country in a way you’ve never seen it opened before. He makes room for all of us in the younger son’s story. Our wanderings, our self-deceptions, our restlessness, our prodigality. Most of all, we see the Father’s love and, through it, how to find home.”
– —Leonard Allen, Dean of the College of Bible and Ministry, Lipscomb University, and author of Poured Out
“Greg’s book is a vulnerable and thoughtful exploration of each sentence in the story of the prodigal. His writing is so honest that I was invited into the same kind of honesty about my own place in Jesus’s powerful parable.”
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