Strain for the Finish Line

Happy Birthday, Dad! Dad was 32 when I was born. I’m 46 in a few days. Happy 78th, Dad. Maybe Mom already showed you this on Facebwook, but here’s a little fun video for your birthday. Watch your grandson pushing for the finish line to take third place in 9th grade 2 mile at the Tulsa University cross country meet at Mohawk Park August 31, 2013.

By Greg Taylor Posted in God

2 comments on “Strain for the Finish Line

  1. Thanks, Greg. I couldn’t see this on Facebook but it works here. So neat! And my favorite animal – it isn’t an animal but I love hummingbirds. That God could put all the necessary components in that tiny body is so fascinating. And such a feisty nature, flying thousands of miles to spend their time in the sun. Thanks for making us think. Love you.


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