I listened to Francis Chan at the workshop, heard bits and pieces of this story, even Francis told it in very general terms after praying onstage that this would not be “from the flesh” and it is an important story. I most appreciate that you own part of the blame — that’s very hard to do, and I’ve been there in those situations, and it does no good to be reductionistic and only blame others. You are a man of God who has publicly put your heart out there and made bold moves, and God is faithful. God is faithful. Thank you for telling this story.

The Overflow

Confession time: I serve in church leadership, and I want people to like me.

Do you?

Because that can actually be a dangerous combination.

No, I don’t mean that church leaders should aspire to be jerks (though some wouldn’t have to try very hard), nor do I mean that a desire to be liked is inherently sinful – wanting to be loved by your congregation is quite natural and one shouldn’t feel guilty about that.

I simply mean that a desire for the approval of men can easily turn into an idol if we’re not careful, because it can keep us from doing God’s will when it’s socially or relationally uncomfortable.

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